Open Tenders


When MFMG seeks tenders from the market at large through an open invitation process, a Request for Tender/s will be listed below.


We have two exciting opportunities to join the MFMG team.


Chief Executive Officer

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is a vital role within MFMG, assisting the MFMG Board to deliver its strategic plan.

Operations Officer

The Operations Officer (OO) will be responsible for coordinating, facilitating, and delivering (where appropriate) projects, project activities and trials for MFMG. This is a new role within the organisation, that will be instrumental in implementing local research, development, extension and adoption in the Limestone Coast and western Victoria. 


MFMG encourages tenderers to apply for one or more tenders, and to consider applying if their skillset meets some or part of the requirements for the role/s.


Click the links below for more information.  Please provide your application by close of business on Friday 8th December 2023.