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Climate and Weather
COtL Mesonet Flyer: (4,724.8 Kb)
2023_Chapter 1_Achieving Hyper Yielding Wheat in a Good Year: Jennifer Lillecrapp: (2,827.4 Kb)
2023_Chapter 2_Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus How is it impacting wheat yields in the HRZ of the Limestone Coast: Amanda Pearce and Michael Nash: (3,547.8 Kb)
2023_Chapter 3_Calibrating In-field Diagnostic Tools to Improve Nitrogen Management for high Protein Durum: Adam Hancock: (1,637.2 Kb)
2023_Chapter 6_Managing disease in broad beans: Max Bloomfield, Aaron Vague, Nick Poole and Darcy Warren – FAR Australia: (2,413.3 Kb)
2023_Chapter 8_South Australian Industrial Hemp Trials: Mark Skews and A Pearce: (4,514.2 Kb)
2023_Chapter 10_Implementation of preventative animal health plan to increase reproductive success and reduce mortality rates in heifers: Sean McGrath and Elke Hocking: (773.7 Kb)
2023_Chapter 11_Improving the productivity and climate resilience of the Australian Sheep Industry: : Megan Tscharke , Jamee Daly, Billie-Jaye Brougham , Bobbie Lewis Baida and Willam van Wettere: (2,906.1 Kb)
2023_Chapter 9_Collaboration key to improved heifer management and reproductive success: Elke Hocking and Ashley Carslake-Hunt: (2,885.2 Kb)
2023_Chapter 7_Strategies to improve crop establishment and yield on repellant sandy soils after amelioration: (1,844.1 Kb)