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About MFMG
2020-2025_MFMG Strategic Plan: (1,477.0 Kb)
2023_Making the tough decisions_The Prosperous Farmer, Season 4, episode 1 resources: Danielle Lannin England: (303.2 Kb)
2023_Dairying_Sustainable Land Use Guide: (2,599.5 Kb)
2023_Heat Stress in Sheep Uni of Adelaide_Presentation: (3,309.0 Kb)
2023_Sheep Nutrition for Improved Performance Jess Revell_Presentation: (7,026.8 Kb)
2023_Standing Grazing Crops Amanda Pearce_Presentation: (623.0 Kb)
2023_Carbon Without the Jargon Cam Nicholson 1_Presentation: (7,079.6 Kb)
2023_Carbon Without the Jargon Sam Bye_Presentation: (5,850.6 Kb)
2023_MFMG Tender - Chief Executive Officer: 2023_MFMG Tender - Chief Executive Officer (276.8 Kb)
2023_MFMG Tender - Operations Officer: 2023_MFMG Tender - Operations Officer (333.7 Kb)