MFMG welcomes Alvan Blanch Australia as a Silver Sponsor

10th July 2024
MacKillop Farm Management Group welcomes Alvan Blanch Australia (ABA) as a Silver Sponsor. ABA is an independent, family-owned business based in south east Queensland, operated by Jim Duncan and Jane Godson. They are a distribution partner for Alvan Blanch Dev Co from the UK, and have been manufacturing drying systems for crops in Australia since 1966.

MacKillop Farm Management Group (MFMG) is pleased to welcome Alvan Blanch Australia as a Silver Sponsor. 

For ABA, sponsoring MFMG aligns perfectly with its mission to empower farmers with innovative equipment and expertise. By supporting MFMG's initiatives such as field trials, educational workshops, and technology demonstrations, ABA aims to enhance local farming practices and promote sustainable agricultural solutions.  

According to ABA's Jim Duncan, sponsoring MFMG provides them with the opportunity to directly engage with the farming community, to understand their needs first-hand and deliver tailored solutions that maximize productivity and efficiency.

"Our collaboration with MFMG serves as a platform to introduce ABA's innovative technologies and solutions to a wider audience," he said.

"Through joint events, we can showcase our range of equipment: grain dryers, sorting, chilling, including a full range of conveyors and elevators, and customise full plant solutions or work within existing infrastructure best tailored to farmers' needs," Jim added. 

Beyond business interests, sponsoring MFMG reflects ABA's commitment to corporate social responsibility, believing that giving back to communities and supporting grower group initiatives is a meaningful way to invest in the future of agriculture. 

ABA prides itself on being available around the clock for farmers' requirements - "if we're up, we're open—24/7" - with a strong approach to providing "feet on the ground" when it matters most, to ensure production down-times are minimised. 

MacKillop Farm Management Group Chair Brett Gilbertson is pleased to welcome ABA to MFMG's Sponsorship stable. 

"Alvan Blanch Australia represents a perfect alignment with the goals and intentions of MFMG, with a vision for sustainable farming through the adoption of research and innovation," he said.

"It is exciting to welcome them onboard, learn more about their operation and provide opportunities to work with them in the future through our farm events," Brett said. 



Jim Duncan - 0435 776 796

Chris Swain – 0457 336 433


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Website: Alvan Blanch Australia

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