MFMG Research And Extension Contract Awarded

13th May 2024
MFMG is pleased to announce Gina Kreeck as the new Research & Extension Officer through her role as Premier Ag Consultancy Group agronomy advisor and agronomy tech lead. Gina Kreeck will be responsible for the delivery of on the ground research and extension for MFMG.


In 2023, having a dedicated Research and Extension Officer was identified by the MFMG Board as being strategically vital to deliver research and drive adoption for the benefit of our members and the broadacre cropping and livestock industry across the Limestone Coast, western Victoria and beyond.

As a result of an open call for tenders, MacKillop Farm Management Group has engaged the services of Premier Ag Consultancy Group (PACG) to assist with the delivery of key research and extension outcomes. 

Gina Kreeck, through her role as PACG agronomy advisor and agronomy tech lead, will be responsible for the delivery of on the ground research and extension for MFMG. 

Gina will draw on her field experience as an advisor as well as her previous role at Southern Farming Systems as overseer of operations and cropping trials in Victoria and Tasmania. Gina is passionate about farming systems member groups and their place in the agriculture industry.

Established in 2015, PACG provide industry-leading independent agribusiness solutions that help farmers grow sustainable and profitable farming operations. Gina will be supported by a vast amount of agronomy knowledge in both the crop and pasture settings through the wider PACG team, working closely with Advisory Managers Annieka Paridaen and Anna Hose.

Gina and PACG are looking forward to meeting and working with you. 

The MFMG Board is extremely pleased to welcome Gina and Premier Ag Consultancy Group to the team. This appointment strengthens our ability to identify and facilitate agricultural research particularly in crop agronomy and signals an exciting next chapter for MFMG.  

Gina will commence in the role from Monday 13 May. Gina can be contacted at or 0488 600 443.


Brett Gilbertson 
MacKillop Farm Management Group 

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