Using standing crops to finish lambs and improve summer groundcover and soil health

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Project code: 4-9GKWTTRC

Project manager: Claire Dennerley

Project duration: November 2018 to April 2020

About the project

This project will highlight a fodder option that will turn lambs off faster in summer, and provide more soil protection outside of the growing season. Through demonstration, field walks, group discussion and newsletter articles, the role for standing crops to fill a late-spring and early-summer pasture feedgap will be shared with, and trialled by mixed sheep-cropping farmers. The practice is low cost and low risk, and enables growers to sell lambs earlier, reduce the stocking pressure on dead feed paddocks and stubbles, and maintain more groundcover on paddocks until the autumn break than otherwise. A feedbase option that gives landscapes more groundcover in the summer period will protect soils against wind and heavy summer storm water erosion and potential nutrient loss. It is an important technique for mixed farm operations that need to balance potential antagonisms of running crops and livestock together, and managing environmental and economic risk in their business.


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Project resources

Grazing Standing Crops Case Study

Appendix 1 - Sherwood Site Handout

Appendix 2 - Willalooka Site Handout

Appendix 3 - Small Plot Demonstration Results