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Resources in Soil
2008_Quantify and Promote the Benefits of Deep Ripping_Report:
(77.2 Kb)
2010_Building Resilient Farming Systems in the SE Through Improved Knowledge and Innovative Management of Soil Constraints_Report:
(225.3 Kb)
2010_The Seasonal Variation in Soil Salinity Under Irrigation_Report:
(307.0 Kb)
2011_Am I Wasting Phosphorus_Literature Review:
(681.4 Kb)
2011_Investigating the Use of Radiometrics_Project Summary:
(192.2 Kb)
2015_Exploring Automated Soil Moisture Proves in Irrigated Broadacre Cropping Systems_Report:
(225.9 Kb)
2015_Viable Crop and Pasture Legumes for Alkaline Soils in the HRZ_Report:
(603.4 Kb)
2016_After a Good Crop in 2016, What Does it Take to Restore Soil Fertility_Article:
(88.5 Kb)
2016_Dryland Soil Moisture Probe and Weather Station Pilot Project_Summary:
(184.5 Kb)
2016_Exploring soil acidity in the Upper South East_Report:
(521.8 Kb)
2016_Variety Specific Agronomy Southern Irrigation - Wheat_Report:
(464.5 Kb)
2017_Productivity on the Plains - Can Rock Breaking Lift Crop Yields on the Black Soil Plains_Case Study:
(948.8 Kb)
2017_Reedy Creek Alkaline Soils Workshop_Summary:
(465.9 Kb)
2018_Productivity on the Plains - Do Raised Beds Equal Raised Yields_Case Study:
(324.3 Kb)
2019_Improving Sandy Soils Through Understanding Soil pH and Soil Potassium Status_Report:
(374.1 Kb)
2019_MFMG Soil Moisture Probes - September_Report:
(506.3 Kb)
2021_Diagnosing and treating Sandy Soil constraints_Fact Sheet: Publication date : 12 October 2021
(716.7 Kb)