MFMG History

MFMG was formed in 1998 following a bus trip to Geelong to view raised bed cropping systems, with founding chairman, Ian McNeil. In conjunction with a number of farmer groups, MFMG initiated a research and extension program for high rainfall zone cropping in the Limestone Coast. It was proposed that the cropping area in the Limestone Coast could be lifted to 50,000 hectares by 2004, with yields being increased by 25%.

In 1999, MFMG applied to Southern Farming Systems for association as a South Australia Branch, with a total of 15 members. In the same year, driven by Charles Koch, the Neuarpurr White Clover Growers Association was formed. Following discussions between the two groups, the White Clover Growers Association became a sub-committee of MFMG in 2004.

In 2006 MFMG then became incorporated as farming systems group within its own right, gradually increasing its membership base to over 250 growers throughout the South East in 2014.

In 2018, MFMG celebrated 20 years. The group currently has members from across the Limestone Coast and into western Victoria, in both the high and medium rainfall zones, with members operating diverse and thriving businesses incorporating multiple enterprises. MFMG currently has around 420 members, 30 sponsors, and manages multiple trial sites, research and extension projects spread throughout the Limestone Coast and into western Victoria.