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Coonalpyn Pulse Check Discussion Group: Pre Seeding Meeting

Thursday 28 February 8.30am - 12.30pm

Location: Coonalpyn Football Club


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SA Crop Technology Centre Results Meeting
Wednesday March 6, 8 – 10am at the Furner Sports Club.

Breakfast rolls and coffee provided

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Grazing Standing Crops

Wednesday March 20, 2 – 5pm at the Keith Football Club


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Two MFMG Cattle Projects

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MFMG were successful in receiving funding to conduct two cattle projects in the south east of SA and the western district of Victoria from 2019-2021. The projects will encourage group learning based around a number of demonstration sites across the region and will focus on increasing heifer conception rates, decreasing calving difficulty, improving herd genetics, cost effectively feeding weaners for increased growth rates over summer and autumn, and increasing your bottom line. 


The post-weaning management strategies for beef herds project aims to establish 5 demonstration sites and 3 discussion groups across the South East of SA and the Western District of Victoria to provide cost benefit comparisons of different local feeding options for increasing growth rates of weaner cattle.


For more information and how to get involved go HERE


The project aim for maximising genetic improvement in cattle herds is to demonstrate the advantages of managing beef herds using the Bred Well Fed Well for Cattle principles on a whole-farm scale.


There will be more information on this project soon