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Seed Free Lamb Project

Can using alternative forage species provide high quality fodder and still finish lambs to market requirements in a grass-seed free environment?


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Good Clover Bad Clover Project
MFMG has secured funding from MLA for a ‘Good Clover, Bad Clover’ project which will focus on upskilling producers on oestrogenic clover identification and the implementation of practices to improve lamb marking...

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Canola Growers Urged to Check Revised Blackleg Ratings

Grain growers in the southern cropping region are being urged to check the latest blackleg disease ratings for canola cultivars ahead of sowing in 2017. 


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Letter to Members and Sponsors

April 2014



Past Newsletters

May 2015 - Newsletter

Christmas 2014 - Newsletter


Christmas 2012


  • communicating with you
  • notes from Felicity Turner, Operations
  • notes from James Heffernan, MIMG
  • notes from Jamie Tidy, SEPLA

September 2012

Part 1

  • A word from Chairman, Duan Williams
  • Smart Phone Apps
  • SOPs - do you need a hand to write these.

Part 2

  • 2012/13 Committee
  • Carbon Farming
  • Are you thinking about a new seeder?
  • Grower Requested trials
  • 2012 Trials being run

Part 3

  • Grain & Graze 2 - Filling the Feed Gap
  • Request froom Nick Edwards and SEPLA
  • SEPLA Pasture walk

Part 4

  • MIMG - trials request
  • Fertigation - does it fit in your system?
  • 2013 Study Tour to Tasmania
  • GRDC Regional Cropping Solutions - HRZ
  • Committee member profiles

June 2012 Newsletter

Part 1

  • Trent Potter's 41 years in Agriculture
  • Sponsor acknowledgements
  • SEPLA Matters
  • Report from SEPLA Pasture forum
  • Managing Carbon in Livestock Systems
  • Precision Ag Demo and Information Day

Part 2

  • Irrigating in 2012
  • AWI Seminar in Naracoorte
  • Making Better Nitrogen Decisions
  • Free Benchmarking Service
  • GRDC updates and MFMG AGM

May 2012 Newsletter

Part 1

  • Diuron suspension
  • 2011 PIRSA Crop and Pasture update

Part 2

  • Article from "The Conversation" by John Kirkegaard
  • EValuating Drop Tube and Sprinkler Irrigation
  • Update from Seedmark
  • Irrigation Group dates
  • SEPLA Committee profile - Jason Clothier
  • New Oat Variety Update
  • Agriculture in the Naracoorte Herald