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Improving Sandy Soils through understanding soil pH and soil potassium status

The Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan has delivered several sandy soil related projects in 2019

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Agriculture Innovation Update

Wednesday June 12  Tintinara Memorial Hall, 1.15pm – 7.30pm

Go for the afternoon or just the session that interests you


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Crop Nutrition in the High Rainfall Zone (HRZ)

Tuesday June 18

8.30 - 11am

Starting at Struan House, followed by a site visit to Bool Lagoon


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Why be a Mackillop Farm Management Group member? 


Membership of MFMG

Membership Application Form


Our membership base covers farming business’ from Sherwood in the North, to Millicent in the South, Goroke in the East and Mount Benson in the West, and also includes the The White Clover Growers Association.  We currently have 120 farm businesses registered as members, along with 30 sponsor businesses which cover approximately 75 agribusiness representatives.


The aim of the MFMG is to increase the profitability and sustainability of primary production into the future.


As a member you will:

  • receive weekly email updates on our activities and other agricultural information in the region
  • receive information on any events being held via email, SMS 
  • receive updates on trials and research being held in the South East
  • have access to our website which contains a lot of information on past and present events, trials and industry updates.
  • there is a “Members Only” area to allow access to electronic copies of reports
  • have the opportunity to be involved and have input in trials and projects
  • receive online access to the annual MFMG Trial Results Books 
  • have the opportunity to network with other like minded people


As described above, we endeavour to provide as much value as possible for our members and sponsors by undertaking several trial projects in conjunction with various professionals in the relevant fields, produce a Research Trials results booklet, hold numerous workshops, trial results meetings, crop walks and field days through out the year. 


To keep our members and sponsors informed and updated we are constantly in contact via newsletter, email, field days, crop walks and personal contact. 


If you would like further information please contact Chair Louise Stock who will be able to answer any questions you may have.


Alternatively, contact Meg Bell if you have a query regarding management and administration or trial work and other operations of the group.


We look forward to having you involved with the MacKillop Farm Management Group


Membership Application Form




Map of membership region including local weather stations



Members  details

Membership of the group is open to all persons, relevant bodies or groups who are involved in the agricultural industry – we have now separated members into Grower and Agri-business.

Grower member
There shall be one primary member per membership with multiple associate members (family members and staff within your business) able to be listed under primary member – for no extra charge.
Each Grower membership shall have the right to one postal address included on the database, however you may have multiple email or mobile telephone numbers listed to allow correspondence with associate members if required.

Agri-business member
Only one member to be listed per membership, no associate memberships will be available. (for those wishing to have multiple members, we encourage you to look at our sponsorship options)

As at 1st September 2016 the membership fee will be:

  • $250 (inc GST) for one year
  • $700 (inc GST) for 3 years

(Memberships cover a full 12 month period, commencing upon date of payment of fee or issuing of invoice)


Request for help from Grower Members
We ask you to please complete the attached document to allow us to update our records and ensure all of your family and staff are listed members of the MacKillop Group.
Also, as part of this process we are endeavouring to document our geographical base to be used when applying for funding for research and highlighting the “reach” of our Group when required – therefore we are asking for your property address to be included


Thanks for your support

Member Survey - your input is much appreciated.


Please complete and return forms to


**Members Only Service**

If you wish to receive a reminder SMS the day before a MFMG event text (or email) your name to 0408384387.