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2018 Root Health Workshop

Tuesday August 28, 10am – 3pm

Natural Resources Office Keith


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New CEO Announcement

Meg Bell, Welcome to MFMG.

Meg will begin her role as CEO on July 9

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Wolseley Oat Field Day

Wednesday August 1

Meet at the Wolseley Club Rooms 8.30am

Concludes 12noon


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Maintaining Profitable Farming Systems with Retained Stubble

The GRDC initiative, Maintaining Profitable Farming Systems with Retained Stubble, or the “Stubble Initiative”, is a five year program to address the issues encountered by growers when retaining stubbles from one year to the next

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Maintaining Profitable Farming Systems with Retained Stubble in the South East and KI regions

Deemed the “Stubble Initiative” the project aims to identify the impediments to stubble retention, quantify the effects that they are having on yield and profitability, develop practical solutions and then extend the results.

Although conservation tillage equipment has been widely adopted in the MFMG and AgKI areas, it is not believed that these areas have the levels of adoption of stubble retention reflected in the GRDC 2012 Farm Practices survey.

Key activities that have been identified that need further development to allow the region to move forward in its quest for increased levels of stubble retention include

-           a better understanding of the desired stubble characteristics for a retained stubble system

-           issues with herbicide application in high stubble loads

-          effect of stubble management on weed burdens (particularly annual ryegrass) needs to be further investigated with education around herbicide application technologies.

-          role of break crops in a retained stubble system focussing on both crop nutrition and disease management

-          pest control; in particular snails

These activities will be carried out at 2 main focus sites across the South-East region at Conmurra  and Frances, where replicated sub-treatments will be overlaid on different stubble management treatments. Smaller sites may also be developed as required.

The results will be extended both through activities of the MacKillop group, via the MacKillop website, social media and through other local and regional media outlets.

For further information or to discuss opportunities relevant to your farming system, please contact Felicity on 0400 299 087, or via email