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Improving Sandy Soils through understanding soil pH and soil potassium status

The Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan has delivered several sandy soil related projects in 2019

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Agriculture Innovation Update

Wednesday June 12  Tintinara Memorial Hall, 1.15pm – 7.30pm

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Crop Nutrition in the High Rainfall Zone (HRZ)

Tuesday June 18

8.30 - 11am

Starting at Struan House, followed by a site visit to Bool Lagoon


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Dual-Purpose Canola in the South East

Growing canola is a popular choice for growers in the high rainfall zone in the South East of South Australia.


Growers in this region have been considering the use of longer season winter canola varieties as a grain and graze option. The use of canola as a dual-purpose crop may provide farmers with an alternative opportunity to fill feed gaps profitably. 


A three-year funded SAGIT trial, managed by the South East New Variety SARDI team based at Struan, is evaluating dual-purpose canola varieties in this environment. The trials have looked at different times of sowing and grazing management for grain and graze canola crops.  


The SAGIT trial is in its third and final year, with the previous two years data published in the MFMG annual results book. The final trial results will provide growers with knowledge on how to best manage dual-purpose canola crops for increased profitability.


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