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Improving Sandy Soils through understanding soil pH and soil potassium status

The Coorong Tatiara Local Action Plan has delivered several sandy soil related projects in 2019

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Agriculture Innovation Update

Wednesday June 12  Tintinara Memorial Hall, 1.15pm – 7.30pm

Go for the afternoon or just the session that interests you


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Crop Nutrition in the High Rainfall Zone (HRZ)

Tuesday June 18

8.30 - 11am

Starting at Struan House, followed by a site visit to Bool Lagoon


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2016 Mackillop Farm Management Group Funded Field Trials


The Mackillop Farm Management Group (MFMG) provides up to $30,000 worth of member and sponsorship funds yearly for field trials. This year we are looking at investing in an ever increasing range of innovative and novel research.

Some of the trials planned for the 2016 season include an evaluation of barley lupin and bean varieties in the Sherwood area. 6 oat varieties will also be evaluated, comparing the hay and grain yield and offering information on utilising the crop for either.

The local Ag Bureau in Wolseley is behind an MFMG funded trial called the ‘Cereal Challenge’, where barley, wheat, durum wheat and oats varieties are compared to each other.

More members from the Keith area are sought in 2016. The new Keith site will hopefully entice new members to the group, with cereal, pulse and pasture trials planned.

Frances holds one of the Mackillop Farm Management Group’s main field days and the site looks likely to impress in 2016. Not only are MFMG funding wheat and barley variety trials, they are paying for an oat trial and a bean variety trial. MFMG is participating in soil nutrition trials and a pulse phenology study with SARDI at the site. There is also the added potential of a pasture demonstration at the site, something new and exciting for the group as they incorporate livestock into their portfolio. The Adelaide University Integrated Weed Management Trial will again be happening in 2016, this trial is reported as one of the best in the nation.

Bool Lagoon has a number of contracted trials, such as irrigated dual-purpose wheat and canola and Millicent has MFMG funded wheat and barley trials.

Conmurra, is the other main site for the MFMG. As with the Frances site MFMG are going all out in 2016 to make this a highly interactive and innovative trial site. As in previous years the group will run barley variety and canola variety trials. In 2015 the ‘Farmer Bean Challenge’ was a huge success and bragging rights will be awarded to a grower with the up-coming release of the MFMG 2015 Annual Results Book, this trial will be replicated in 2016 at both Conmurra and Millicent sites. In 2016 MFMG are planning to have a soil nutrition trial at the site, a wheat time of sowing trial and a pulse challenge.

This is just some of the ongoing and proposed ‘grower’ trials that we are involved in but there is also a large range of potential trials and the MFMG encourage our members and sponsors to have input and provide ideas. It is important to remember that we have this capacity to fund trials throughout the South East district due to members and sponsors.

We are excited about the 2016 growing season and hope that we can generate plenty of interest in our current trials and potential future trials.

If you would like to become a member or a sponsor and get involved in the MFMG funded trials, please contact CEO Meg Bell  / 0433 499 630