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Local Farm Health & Safety Training in August
This session will provide simple, practical and “common sense” advice on how to ensure you are managing farm safety appropriately.

We are looking at running a session around Naracoorte on the 28th August –please register your interest ASAP...

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Notice of MFMG Annual General Meeting

26th August 2015 @ Naracoorte Town Hall with the GRDC updates

GRDC Update flyer & registration  

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MFMG Winter Crop Walk starting at Bool Lagoon

28th July starting at 8:30am @ Bruce McLean's workshop (end of Bourne's Rd, Bool Lagoon)  

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Welcome to the MacKillop Farm Management Group  

- Driving innovation, productivity and profitability -


Our Vision
MFMG is a leading provider of research and extension for agricultural systems.

Our Mission

MFMG develops and delivers innovative and sustainable farming practices through collaborative research, communication and extension for the benefit of members and the agricultural industry across the South East of South Australia, Western Victoria and beyond.



1.      To be the leading provider of Research, development and extension in the “region”

2.      To drive adoption and innovation from R & D

3.      To support the development of independent research capabilities

4.      To be the leading organization representing mixed farming in the region


These objectives are underpinned by two operational objectives

5.      Operate as a professional organization

6.      To have a highly recognized and respected brand which delivers value to members


Click here to hear the thoughts of Chairman, Duan Williams  and why he believes the MFMG is so important to the future of agriculture in the South East


2015 Ag Excellence Alliance Sustainable Farming Award - MacKillop Farm Management Group

Chief Executive Officer Krysteen McElroy and Research & Operations Officer Felicity Turner accepting this award from PIRSA's Andrew Johnson.


2013 South Australian Regional Awards - Limestone Coast


Luekaemia Foundation Award Sustainability Award Winner - MacKillop Farm Management Group


For further information regarding MFMG activities please contact:

Krysteen McElroy (Chief Executive Officer)
Telephone 0408 655 108


Disclaimer: All information is offered by the MacKillop Farm Management Group solely to provide information. While all due care is taken, MFMG and its officers and directors take no responsibility for any persons relying on the information and disclaims all liability for any errors or omissions in presentations provided.